MEDITATION TRAINING - Any questions, please call or text me on 0425 252 282

Before you say “I’m not good at meditation because I can’t stop my thinking”, you need to know that nobody is good at meditation!

Thinking isn’t the problem, its what we do with it that matters.

When we learn how to meditate, we are learning how to manage our thoughts and feelings better.

To be able to meditate effectively is like being able to swim: you don’t have to learn the skill, but it comes in very handy in a leaking boat …

I am a regular meditator, and know the direct benefits of learning how to do it, and how to integrate it into an already busy life.

Toss out any idea that you have to sit cross legged for an hour with a blank mind. There are many ways to meditate that can be adapted to your lifestyle, and I am happy to teach you how.

In 2012 I completed a 2 year training in Buddhism and Psychotherapy to fully explore all the benefits and different kinds of meditation that Buddhism offers. I have also completed training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).
Although I have a deep and profound respect for Buddhism, I believe it is important to try many ways of meditation so that you can work out what works for you!
It is not necessary to have any religious or spiritual belief to benefit from meditation.


Currently there is just one class open to everyone. I am planning another on Wednesday mornings - to be announced soon!


This class is suitable for both experienced and new meditators.

The foundation of teaching is Mindful Meditation - learning how to use breath, sound and body to stay in the present moment. This is the most basic but the most important skill to learn.

From time to time I introduce other practices such as using music, walking or chanting.

Casual Rates: $25 per class
Block of 5 Classes $100 (must be used within 8 week period).


Neutral Bay Iyengar Yoga Centre
2 Young Street,
Neutral Bay 2089

Any questions, please call or text me on 0425 252 282